the Chefs say

  • chef1

    Joël Robuchon

    For me, Caviar de Sologne from LA MAISON NORDIQUE combines power, balance and persistence of the characteristic flavour of hazelnuts which distinguishes this caviar. It is outstanding caviar with a subtle and woody flavour. I like it for its quality but also for its selectiveness. The Hennequart’s family-run breeding farm produces consistently exceptional caviar. It has the premium quality I look for in caviar, which is essential for the magic to work with every taste.

    Caviar Impérial de Sologne from LA MAISON NORDIQUE is caviar of remarkable quality and incomparable finesse.

  • chef2

    Eric Frechon

    One of my teachers at catering school used to say that the day sturgeons realised the price of caviar, they would become pretentious.

    All new chefs starting off in the business dream of delicately placing a few grains of caviar on their tongue. But caviar is not accessible to everyone. Over the years, I have come to understand that appreciating Caviar is a process of education.

    I admire the finesse, the beauty and the elegance of this exceptional product. I open a little round tin delicately. I take my mother-of-pearl spoon and I delicately dip it into the heart of the tin, where the caviar is the best. I admire the golden colour, a mark of quality. I put the caviar on the back of my hand and taste it, with my eyes shut, relishing the moment of intense pleasure that I will never tire of.

    I treat this black gold with love and respect. It is a product that makes us humble and passionate.

  • chef3

    Guy Savoy

    As a chef, our job is to give pleasure and make our guests dream. To do this, we must use suppliers whose products result from traditions, know-how and daily care. Behind each chef there is a long chain of producers who offer the fruit of their work.

    Among these, I mention LA MAISON NORDIQUE and its incredible Caviar de Sologne. With its breeding farm in Saint Viâtre, LA MAISON NORDIQUE brings together people with a passion for taste and local products, and this can be felt in the quality of its caviar! Its crunchy grain, its lovely golden colour and its flavours with hints of hazelnut and pine nuts make this exceptional caviar easily recognisable. Faced with such a wonderful product, I decided to create a dish to honour it: “Smoked caviar sabayon with potatoes”. Caviar de Sologne gives this dish freshness, balanced seasoning and remarkable finesse. It is one of my signature dishes.

  • chef4

    Michel Roth

    I discovered Caviar de Sologne thanks to LA MAISON NORDIQUE and I have to admit, it was a very nice surprise! The grains are crunchy and roll under the palate with great finesse. The flavours of this caviar are very pleasant. They combine pine nuts and hazelnut, without any acidity whatsoever. The amount of salt is perfectly balanced, which gives it a very interesting texture.

    Behind this noble product hide a passionate brother and sister, Vincent and Patricia Hennequart, who I was lucky to meet in Saint Viâtre, where they live and work. For over 10 years, they have been producing Caviar de Sologne, exclusively for LA MAISON NORDIQUE. Their passion is only rivalled by their kindness. This must be the secret to exceptional Caviar!

  • chef5

    Shinichi Sato

    When I arrived in France, I had never tasted caviar, like many other French products. My first taste of Caviar de Sologne was a discovery and a revelation!

    I knew from that moment that I wanted to work with caviar, because it is unrivalled in
    terms of quality, freshness and taste!

    Its brown hues, its length in the mouth and its crunchy grains won me over straight away.

  • Nobu Matsuhisa

    Nobu Matsuhisa

    Caviar Impérial de Sologne is one of these products which make me glad to do what I do. It is an exceptional product I can never tire of. It has a strong colour, a unique and clearly distinguishable flavour, a product offered to us by nature and which humans have learnt to enhance. For me, Caviar de Sologne is the promise of emotion.