• Excellence

    LA MAISON NORDIQUE’s products are proof of its excellence and impeccable quality, reflecting the company’s commitment to always propose the best of each product. Traceability, reliability and freshness are the strengths of LA MAISON NORDIQUE, which has led it to weave special relationships with the most famous gastronomy players in the world.

  • Quality

    Thanks to its unwavering dedication to propose the best of each product, LA MAISON NORDIQUE references are the guarantee of exceptional quality. Famed for its upmarket products, LA MAISON NORDIQUE makes it a point of honour to never disappoint its clientele. The reassessment is permanent in order to offer its customers an invariable level of quality throughout the year.

  • Traceability

    LA MAISON NORDIQUE ensures its customers optimal traceability on all of the products it sells. It has perfect knowledge of its suppliers and their know-how, and for some products it even controls the entire chain of production. This allows for strict and unrivalled monitoring. LA MAISON NORDIQUE also controls all the major manufacturing steps of the product, from its origin to its marketing.

  • Innovation

    To hold onto its position as a forerunner, LA MAISON NORDIQUE constantly has to innovate to anticipate customer expectations and propose new products in line with the company’s philosophy: quality, freshness and taste. This innovative spirit is conveyed through research to constantly improve product quality and in the search for new references which complete the range of products proposed by the company.

  • Responsiveness

    In addition to the impeccable quality of its products, LA MAISON NORDIQUE is recognised for its responsiveness to customer demands. It does not hesitate to track down niche products for them, which are not yet available on the market. In tune with new trends, LA MAISON NORDIQUE is positioned itself as a forerunner to stay ahead of the latest developments and thus improve its product range in order to respond effectively to all requests.

  • Service

    Present in France and around the world alongside the most famous gastronomy players, LA MAISON NORDIQUE makes customer satisfaction a priority. Very attentive, the company offers its customers a bespoke service to create genuine proximity and to satisfy their every need.