LA MAISON NORDIQUE a family-owned company on a very human scale, whose know-how is based on well-rooted values: proximity, professionalism and rigour.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and LA MAISON NORDIQUE puts its expertise and know-how to the service of quality and respect for the products, in order to constantly offer the best products available on the market. It has opted to invest in high-tech machines and advanced technologies to perfect its catalogue. The expert team travels the world in quest of new and innovative products.





This quality approach is embodied in the production of its own farmed caviar produced in Sologne (South of France), a signature product of the company. Thanks to this exclusive breeding farm, LA MAISON NORDIQUE masters the entire chain of production of its caviar: from the quality of sturgeons feed to the fishing, through to conditioning of these precious black caviar grains, resulting in unrivalled quality.

On the other hand, the firm has its own laboratories and smoking rooms in France. This formidable proximity ensures a meticulous salting of its fish with dry salt and a traditional smoking with beechwood perfectly managed, by hanging them on rope or laid flat. After smoking and 48 hours of maturation, the fish are cut on site by hand or by machine. Salmon, trout, eels, sturgeons, marlin, halibut, swordfish… All can benefit from the same careful treatment of LA MAISON NORDIQUE.